General Terms and Conditions


By registering, you agree to the following general terms and conditions:


Registration Registration takes place through the registration form for a minimum of 3 months. At the end of the minimum period, the subscription is automatically extended indefinitely unless either party has given timely notice. After the subscription is extended indefinitely, either party can cancel the subscription on a monthly basis.


Trial Lesson A trial lesson lasts for 20 minutes and costs €6.95. Please inform us within 48 hours after the trial lesson if you wish to start. If you participate in the second lesson, the registration remains valid indefinitely. Trial lessons are for introduction and receiving personalized advice


Rescheduling/Cancellation of Lessons Lessons cannot be rescheduled or canceled by the student. For individual lessons or a 5-class pass, the participant and Drumles040 jointly determine the execution dates of each lesson. Lessons can be scheduled up to 8 weeks in advance. Once scheduled, lessons can be changed free of charge up to 5 days before the respective date. Requests for changes must be submitted in writing. Lessons that are canceled due to illness of the teacher will be replaced, made up or, if this is not possible, refunded.


Payment Tuition fees are collected through direct debit. If this direct debit is reversed or cannot take place due to insufficient funds, we will send a reminder invoice that must be paid manually. If this invoice is also not paid within the specified period, a second reminder will be sent, incurring 10% reminder costs. The due tuition fee is collected in 3 monthly installments. Debits always occur around the 25th of the month. Drumles040 is entitled to deny the student participation in periodic lessons or any other service until the student has fully met their payment obligations, without any right to dissolve the agreement for the student.


Termination/Cancellation A one-month notice period applies to music lessons at Drumles040. The last lesson month begins on the first day of the month after the month of termination. This is also the last month billed. Only in cases of relocation to another place of residence or prolonged illness of the student with the submission of a medical certificate can this be deviated from. Requests for this must be submitted in writing to the administration.

If, after a reminder, the amount due is not paid, the collection will be handed over to a collection agency. The administration costs of the reminder and the costs of the collection, including extrajudicial costs, are borne by the debtor.


Privacy Statement Students of Rock’n’Roll Highschool are aware of our privacy statement.


Force Majeure Situations In extraordinary circumstances where classrooms are not available (such as fire, flood, pandemic), registration cannot be stopped. There is no right to a refund of tuition fees. Drumles040 will work with the student to find a suitable solution, such as online lessons or makeup sessions.


Liability Drumles040 is not liable for the loss or damage of personal belongings. Drumles040 is not responsible for hearing damage.


In Conclusion Drumles040 reserves the right to make changes to the activity offering. Refund of tuition fees will occur if activities do not take place. Organizational changes are reserved for Drumles040. No rights can be derived from any errors in the text.