In the three years that I have had lessons with Bart, he has formed me into a drummer with very strong technical skills in which the groove and feel are never secondary and he taught me to apply that as part of a band and in songs. Even now that I mainly work as a producer, I still fall back on the foundation that Bart has laid every day



I often think back to the lessons with Bart! Bart is a good coach and gives you a healthy kick under your ass, which means you will work extra hard. He gave me a solid foundation that made me more than ready for my education at Rockacadamie in Tilburg.

After graduating I gained experience as a drums teacher at various music schools and I play with my own band Voltage and Dwaalkat in theaters, pop halls and at Festivals



Bart Nederhand is a teacher who sees and hears everything. Bart's lessons are incredibly diverse, intense and challenging. Your skills are worked on on all fronts to get the most out of yourself. Bart managed to raise me to a level that I would never have achieved without his help and coaching. I am forever grateful to him for that.



Inspiring teacher who has the patience to teach me what I have been doing wrong for years and with pleasure has taught me to practice the usually boring and monotonous rudiments.



Since a few months I have had drum lessons with Bart. I learned a lot in this short time. Bart is a nice, positive and patient teacher with a lot of knowledge and experience.



The drum lessons are tailored to your own level and wishes. After 3 lessons I notice that drumming is going much better! Highly recommended!



Very nice Drum teacher. Has a lot of patience and explains it well. I recommend it.



Great teacher and nice and close