Drumming is great and everyone can learn it. 

Custom drum lessons

Whatever you want to learn: with my knowledge and craftsmanship I will make fun drum lessons that suit your level, style and taste in music Your level, your style, your taste in music. At the end of the lesson, I will put the exercises in a video for you to review and continue to learn at home.


“I have never held a drumstick in my hands, but I would really like to learn how to drum. Is that still possible? "

That's the spirit! With that attitude I will teach you the basics quickly and within no time you will get the hang of it and play along with your favorite songs.

 "I can play drums already but I want to sharpen my technique for more control, speed and flexibility"
Cool, you know what you want! Let's look together where you stand and then get started to take your game to the next level.


“I'm in a cover band and I notice that I actually always play the same fills. I would like to get started with that. Can you help me? ”
Of course! Not only do I teach you fills that you can play in many pop songs, but I also give you exercises that will help you come up with new ideas.


“I want to start a band with friends with repertoire from Green Day and the Foo Fighters. I can play drums a bit. Can you teach me those drum parts? ”
Cool! Just email the list of numbers and then we will shoot a few weeks together and provide the basics. Then I will teach you a few crazy fills so that you can go completely crazy.


“I want to play drums all my life and now I have decided to do it. I have a very busy job. Do you think I can still learn it? ”
Good that you finally made the decision! Age is not important because you can always learn to play drums. So come along and then we get to work together.